Company History

Our History-Defining Milestones

Established in 2000,Our Company has been in the fields of development,design and production for more than 30 years.Our Company has two factories in the world,in China and Jiangsu respectively.The Shanghai factory covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters,and the Jiangsu factory covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters.
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About Our Company

About Our Company-Company Overview

We have more than 20 offices in the world,more than 70 product agents,and more than 20 mining bureaus all over the world have established long-term stable business and cooperative relations.
At Our Company,we mainly manufacture a series of roadheaders,coal loaders,roadheaders and other spare parts for mining equipment based on demand and customer requirements.
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Innovation & Adaptation


We have won numerous awards.Our Company has obtained 6 Chinese utility model patents and 2 invention patents.Our technical team consists of 5 senior engineers,6 intermediate engineers,and 10 assistant engineers.Since 2006,the company has run the ISO 9001 quality system.Strictly enforce safety requirements(China Mining Equipment Special Grade)
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Recent Tunnel Boring Machines

About Us

Our Company has been established for 30 years.Our Company is a related professional staff of China Shanghai Coal Research Institute.Our Company mainly produces roadheaders,coal mine loaders,mine loaders,roadway backhoes,mining spare parts,spare parts for excavators,hydraulic nuts,water jet cutters,super high pressure pumps,hydraulic brakes,mine cutting,from 75kw to 300kw cutting power.Drills and complete machine systems and more.

The efficiency and quality of our machines are very good.The efficiency and quality of our machines can be tested and tested in mines and construction sites under the worst operating conditions.We have a team of more than 30 engineers and technicians who are constantly working on the design of new machines and the development of our established products.

Why Us

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All Our Company devices are manufactured using the most reliable and sturdy components.So when spare parts must be replaced,the quality of new parts is equally good.

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We not only provide maintenance services for your equipment,but also provide repair services for other brands of roadheaders.You only need to send us drawings and our counter-offers,then we can make spare parts based on approved designs and drawings.

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Our service is very comprehensive,we will be dedicated to help you complete the cutting head and complete debugging,we will assist you with hydraulic settings.

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